OpenRoads ConceptStation Tip: Creating a New Template

Create and save new templates in OpenRoads ConceptStation

Bentley provides a number of pre-built templates, and they also give you a number of components to build your own. Unfortunately, you cannot build any new components, but I have found that you can manipulate almost any provided component into one that will work for the planning stages of a project.

For my project, I need a 2-lane with curb and gutter, and 5ft sidewalk on one side and 10ft trail on the other side. This is meant to fit in an existing corridor with 60ft right-of-way.

  • Access OpenRoads ConceptStation Template Settings:
    • Navigate to the template settings or options. This is often found in the menu or toolbar, and it may be labeled as “Templates.”
Create and Manage Roadway Templates  helper text displayed with cursor over Templates in menu within OpenRoads ConceptStation
  • Create a “New” template and give it a name and description.
Red arrow pointing to the "New..." icon in the Templates folder within OpenRoads ConceptStation
Pop up menu for template creation displaying entries for template name and type within Templates folder in OpenRoads ConceptStation
  • Define Template Parameters:
    • Specify the parameters and settings for your template. This may include road widths, lane configurations, alignment standards, and other design criteria.
Blank template within Template creation in OpenRoads ConceptStation
New template with sidewalk and trail defined in OpenRoads ConceptStation
Completed new template with defined parameters and settings in OpenRoads ConceptStation
  • Save the Template:
    • Once you have configured the template to meet your project requirements, save the template. This is typically done through a “Save” or “Save As” option in the template settings menu.
  • Mark the template as a favorite by clicking on the star icon in the upper right. This will make it easier to find while working on your project.
Template set as favorite with a blue star icon within the Templates folder in OpenRoads ConceptStation
  • Apply the Template in your OpenRoads ConceptStation Project:
    • After saving the template, you can apply it to your current project or to new projects as needed. This ensures that the design conforms to the predefined standards and parameters.
  • Adjust the Template as Needed:
    • Templates are meant to be flexible, so you may need to make adjustments based on specific project requirements. You can modify the template parameters and settings as needed.
  • Documentation:
    • It’s a good practice to document your template settings and configurations. This documentation can be useful for your team members and for maintaining consistency across projects.

Dan Sheldon

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