OpenRoads Designer: Display Terrain Model Elevation Bands

Applies also to OpenRoads Terrain Models in Select Series 3 and 4.

Question: How do I display my terrain models with elevation range bands like I could do using the legacy GEOPAK and InRoads terrain model tools?

  • First, select the terrain model.
  • Then in Properties, expand the tree at top until you see the triangles settings.
  • Change the display style to Thematic Height for the triangles.
    • Create a feature definition with this already configured for efficiency
    • Notice there are also options for slope thematic and aspect angle.
  • By default, the color bands will be smooth shaded
  • You can also experiment with types of display other than smooth. Open View Attributes and click on Open Display Styles Dialog.
  • Then in the dialog which opens, click on the Thematic Height style, then the edit display button, then adjust the Stepped Display method as shown below.
  • Fast + Isolines, for example, might provide a pleasing effect.


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Robert Garrett

Robert has over 25 years experience as a practicing engineer and is licensed in the State of Tennessee. After graduating from Tennessee Technological University, Robert worked for the Mississippi State Highway Department, Bridge Design Division. Then he spent 12 years with the Tennessee Department of Transportation in the Roadway Design Office and later served as Regional Manager in the Design Survey Office.From 2000 to 2006, Robert worked for Robert G Campbell and Associates in Knoxville, TN where responsibilities included roadway, site, and utilities design projects.Joining Bentley Systems in March 2006, Robert wrote specifications & documentation for software development. Duties included testing, customer feedback and ensuring the products met the needs of the civil engineering user base. He also developed training material for education both internally to Bentley and for outside organizations. He served as Product Manager for Utilities Products, including the new OpenRoads Subsurface Utilities Design and Analysis software. Robert also provided guidance and implementation services for new technologies.He is a frequent presenter and trainer at user conferences.

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