OpenRoads Designer Roadmap During a Global Pandemic

Take advantage of this time to prep for the transition to OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition and MicroStation CONNECT Edition. This transition can easily be accomplished in a few steps using EnvisionCAD’s OpenRoads Designer Roadmap outlined below.


Prior to doing any training or set up configuration, we recommend having two 90-minute online virtual sessions with as many project staff and project managers as possible.

  • First, we’ll step through and review what the process will look like going from Survey to Design to Plans Production. We’ll focus on the process and managing expectations; not so much the tools.
  • Next, let’s focus on the basics of efficient corridor modeling. We’ll discover efficient corridor modeling practices so that your picks and clicks are more useful and efficient. We’ll review questions to consider prior to sending those templates down your project corridors. This includes guidelines to plan, design and manage the corridor models in order to structure the data for efficient processing by ORD. Next, we’ll cover a building-block approach for creating corridors and recommendations for the related baseline, templates, corridors and point controls so your work isn’t held up by unnecessary events like rebuilding operations and errors. Last, we will review surface creation options to help with more accurate quantities.

Enhance your learning with additional webinars here.

Online Training

After the online sessions are complete, we can start training the users. Learn from home! Live, instructor-led training can be tailored to your needs. A web browser and an internet connection are all you need to take advantage of the benefits of classroom learning with the convenience and cost savings of an online class. A training book is provided to every student for any of our class formats.

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CAD Configuration

Let EnvisionCAD help you install and deploy the OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition and MicroStation CONNECT Edition workspaces delivered by the DOT’s. EnvisionCAD has been building workspaces for a long time and we often hear concerns about workspace set-up if the user goes in the field or, more likely now than ever, works from home. Working with a local copy of the network configuration may be more appropriate. Applications can be configured to automatically switch to a local configuration for working remotely. We can help ensure the workspaces are deployed for multiple users in multiple locations in a standard uniform matter.

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CAD Support

Once the workspaces are deployed and the users complete the training they will get started with their project work. We can provide email, phone, and/or desktop sharing support for all users. As the need arises, workflow documents and videos can be developed as part of a company knowledge base.

Get support when and how you need it.

All configuration, CAD support and, training can be rolled into a Managed Services Agreement. Contact us to help map out your road to success. 


Bob Mecham

Bob is a partner at EnvisionCAD and is an industry expert in the implementation, configuration, instruction, development, and customization of both MicroStation and InRoads.

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