OpenRoads Tip: Best Practice Closed Geometry

When creating features which are closed, it is important to consider how the geometry will eventually be used in the 3D model. In general, it is not a good practice to start the geometry on a corner. The reason for this is that if the start point (and thus also the endpoint) are on a corner, it can sometimes complicate our ability to define side slopes.

For example, the building pad for our site is created by a complex horizontal alignment which produces a closed shape. However, the beginning of the shape is not on a corner.

best practice closed geometry openroads site modeling

You will notice several offset rules and multiple lines between points. However, sorting the various rules when the entire complex is selected can be difficult.

best practice manipulators closed geometry openroads site modeling

In the top tree view of Element Information, expand the complex and highlight the first line in the list of elements.

Now we can see that the first element is a line between points and also notice that it begins on an edge, not on a corner.

best practice element information closed geometry openroads site modeling

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Bob Mecham

Bob Mecham

Bob joined the training and consulting firm EnvisionCAD in 2000 and became a partner in June of 2002. He has specialized in the software MicroStation & InRoads from Bentley Systems, Inc. Mr. Mecham is an industry expert in the implementation, configuration, development, and customization of the two software applications MicroStation and InRoads. Bob instructs MicroStation classes ranging from fundamentals to advanced productivity. He has extensive experience using, implementing, and instructing both InRoads Survey and InRoads Site Design. Bob received his degree in Civil Engineering Technology from the Madison Area Technical College in 1992 and has over a decade of experience in the use, implementation, and management of software and CADD systems. He has worked for a wide range of organizations providing services from general survey and engineering services to specific applications such as landfills and site design.


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