OpenRoads Tip: Point Controls Targeting MicroStation Graphics in Corridors

Written by: Bob Mecham

Point Controls can be used to override the template in areas where lanes are widening or working with ditches.  By using point controls you can minimize the number of templates you are using in a corridor.

In OpenRoads you have the ability to target a simple MicroStation graphic.  In the example below new lines were drawn in the 2D model to show a shoulder widening and concrete kick out.  By using these lines the corridor points will follow these lines horizontally, vertically or both.

openroads corridor point control microstation graphics

1. Open the Corridor Objects dialog and on the left hand side select Point Control.

2. Along the top of the dialog select New icon and follow the heads up prompts to define the stationing start/end. Then use the Control Type Linear Geometry and locate the MicroStation graphic.

openroads corridor objects point controls linear geometry toolsettings openroads corridor objects point controls microstation graphics

4. The linear graphics will be added to the Corridor Objects dialog and the corridor will reprocess overriding the points in the template to the new graphics.

openroads corridor objects point controls using microstation graphics openroads corridor objects using microstation graphics



Bob Mecham

Bob is a partner at EnvisionCAD and is an industry expert in the implementation, configuration, instruction, development, and customization of both MicroStation and InRoads.

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