OpenRoads Tip: Three Ways to Change the Starting Station

Written by Bob Mecham

By default the starting station for OpenRoads Geometry is always 0+00.  There are three ways to modify this value.

openroads change stationing

Number 1:

Go to Tasks > Civil Tools > Horizontal Geometry > Start Station

Identify the element.  Then type the distance from the start, usually zero, then accept.  Type the new starting station you want into the heads up field.

openroads change stationing Show Station


Number 2:

Using the Text Manipulators you can select the horizontal alignment with the Element Selection tool.  Once it has been selected the Text Manipulator for Starting Station will appear.  Click on the text for Stationing and in the on-screen prompt type the new starting station.

openroads change stationing text manipulators


Number 3:

Identify the horizontal alignment using the Element Selection tool.  From the right click pop up menu select Properties.  The Element information dialog will appear.  Drill down to the Stationing section of the dialog and modify the Assigned Station value.

openroads change stationing element information


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Bob Mecham

Bob is a partner at EnvisionCAD and is an industry expert in the implementation, configuration, instruction, development, and customization of both MicroStation and InRoads.

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