OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT Edition – Fundamentals

This course is designed to be a comprehensive introduction to Bentley’s OpenBridge Modeler bridge modeling software. The fundamental tools and workflows used in developing standard bridge types will be taught. Even though this is a fundamentals class much will be covered as you learn to build a 3D model of a bridge. The placement of abutments, piers, girders, bearings, and barriers, along with how to create new and edit existing components, plus more will be covered.

OpenBridge Modeler has been around for a few years and has been continually improved upon. Bentley has incorporated the OpenRoads technology into OpenBridge Modeler. Many of the OpenRoads advanced features and abilities are utilized in OpenBridge Modeler. This, along with the addition of new tools and improved workflows for the different components, which includes tasks unique to the bridge world, has made the OpenBridge Modeler program a challenging package to master. OpenBridge Modeler utilizes the OpenRoads technology to provide a robust and dynamic user experience. This allows for “on the fly” changes and manipulations, and with the dynamic components, where the components are associated and affect each other the changes happen live.

The goal is for the student to be comfortable with the workflows, tools, standard customization of components, component libraries and reports to be able to generate a 3D bridge model.

This is not a design course and the analytical abilities of OpenBridge Designer will not be discussed. The structural program ProConcrete will also not be included in this fundamentals class nor will custom component creation.

24 Hour Class

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We do not currently offer this as an instructor-led training class. Please see the “Book” tab for self-paced learning options.


  • Introduction
  • CADD Basics
  • OpenBridge Modeler User Interaction
  • Terrain Modeling in OpenBridge Modeler
  • OpenBridge Modeler Geometry
  • OpenBridge Modeler Project Setup
  • Create Bridge – Steel Girder 2 Span Straight Bridge (M4)
  • Create Bridge – Precast Girder 2 Span Straight Bridge (M3)
  • OpenBridge Modeler Libraries
  • OpenBridge Modeler Reports
  • Plans Production
  • Annotation and Labeling