Selection Drag Port-Starboard or Starboard-Port

Scribed by Captain Mecham.

Scribed by Captain Mecham.

This tip has been translated

to Pirateese in honor of Talk

Like a Pirate Day.

In t’ V8i release o’ MicroStation t’ Element Selection overlap and inside mode works t’ same as other CAD packages. If you drag your cursor port t’ starboard t’ mode will be Inside. If you drag your cursor starboard t’ port t’ mode will be Crossin’.

Port t' Starboard - Inside

Port t’ Starboard – Inside











Starboard t' Port - Crossin'

Starboard t’ Port – Crossin’











In addition t’ t’ direction o’ t’ drag thar be also two new keys that can be used in conjunction with t’ draggin’. T’ Shift key will toggle t’ inside/overlap mode while a draggin’. T’ Alt key will toggle t’ t’ Line mode for selectin’ elements.

Port t' Starboard + Shift

Port t’ Starboard + Shift











Starboard t' Port + Alt

Starboard t’ Port + Alt














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