Sorting Layer/Level Names

When developing VBA macros for either AutoCAD or MicroStation it is often necessary to display a list of the layers/levels in the active file in either a ListBox control or ComboBox control. Unfortunately the layer/level names are not sorted in alphabetical order and the VBA UserForm controls do not have their own Sort methods. Using a standard bubble sort routine does a nice job of sorting a string array of layer/level names.

Public Sub BubbleSort(ByRef arr() As String, Optional numEls = -1 As Long, Optional 
Descending As Boolean = False) Dim Value As String Dim index As Long Dim firstItem As Long Dim indexLimit As Long Dim lastSwap As Long ' account for optional arguments If numEls = -1 Then numEls = UBound(arr) End If firstItem = LBound(arr) lastSwap = numEls Do indexLimit = lastSwap - 1 lastSwap = 0 For index = firstItem To indexLimit Value = arr(index) If (Value > arr(index + 1)) Xor Descending Then ' if the items are not in order, swap them arr(index) = arr(index + 1) arr(index + 1) = Value lastSwap = index End If Next Loop While lastSwap 
End Sub

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