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MicroStation Tip: Keyin to Toggle between AccuDraw and Civil AccuDraw

Written by: Mark Templeman – Senior Transportation Designer at JEO Consulting Group, Inc. At last months Nebraska User Group 2015 spring conference Mark and I were talking about how AccuDraw and Civil AccuDraw do not work well together.  Mark thought it would be nice if there was a keyin to disable one while enabling the other.  Well, […]

MicroStation Tip: AccuDraw Focus

Written by:  Bob Mecham If you have ever worked with AccuDraw you know keeping the focus in the AccuDraw dialog can be troublesome.  There is a setting in the Preferences that can make it easier. 1. From the pull down menu Workspace > Preferences > Look and Feel > Auto-Focus Tool Settings Window 2. Check […]

MicroStation Tip: Coordinate Input

Written by Bob Mecham.   Placing elements in MicroStation is usually done one of two ways: absolute coordinates or relative to an existing point. Workflows for placing those elements to absolute coordinates can be done one of two ways: using the Key-in Browser dialog or using AccuDraw’s Data Point Key-in. Via the Key-in Browser: Absolute Coordinates […]

MicroStation Tip: Keypoint Snap

Written by Bob Mecham. The Keypoint snap mode is often the most useful snap mode for drafting operations. This is because the Keypoint snap mode snaps to an element’s nearest “keypoint.” A keypoint can be a variety of snap locations such as endpoints, midpoints, vertices, center, etc. depending on the type of element that is to be snapped to. […]

MicroStation Tip: Moving Elements to Elevation

Written by Bob Mecham. MicroStation has the ability to use relative values with a “#”. When using the XY=key-in you can type # and the value will not change. What this mean is that now you can change the elevation of an element to an absolute value while keeping its XY location the same. In […]

Placing a North Arrow in a Rotated View

Written by Bob Mecham.  Placing a North Arrow in a rotated view such as a plan and profile sheet can be done right the first time if you use AccuDraw and the shortcut keyins for compass rotation “T” for Top and “V” for View. One you have selected the north arrow cell to be placed […]

Change AccuDraw Display

Written by Bob Mecham.  There is a handy little key-in that will change the rectangular display of AccuDraw. Using the below key-in you can change the X Y readout to Northing and Easting. In the key-in browser type “accudraw settings northeast”       To change it back the key-in is “accudraw settings xy”   […]

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