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OpenRoads Tip: Civil AccuDraw Floating Origin

Written by: Bob Mecham Sometimes, we need to establish the end of a line at a location measured form something else rather than the first point. 1. Start the Horizontal Geometry Line Between Points command. After setting the first point, reposition the cursor by clicking the Set Origin shortcut. 2. Then click or snap somewhere […]

OpenRoads Tip: Use Plan View Snap to Lock Civil Accudraw in Profile

Written by:  Bob Mecham Did you know that with Civil AccuDraw you can work both in the plan view and profile view while placing a geometry element.  In this example, we will show you how to place a profile starting at a culvert location used in the plan view. Start by opening a profile view […]

OpenRoads Tip: Civil AccuDraw Working in Profile Views

Written by:  Bob Mecham By now you have probably seen or maybe even started using Civil AccuDraw with Horizontal Geometry.  Did you know that Civil AccuDraw will also work in the Profile View? When you are working in the Default Model view the Civil AccuDraw toolbar looks like the toolbar below. However, when you change […]

MicroStation Tip: Keyin to Toggle between AccuDraw and Civil AccuDraw

Written by: Mark Templeman – Senior Transportation Designer at JEO Consulting Group, Inc. At last months Nebraska User Group 2015 spring conference Mark and I were talking about how AccuDraw and Civil AccuDraw do not work well together.  Mark thought it would be nice if there was a keyin to disable one while enabling the other.  Well, […]

Power InRoads Tip: 3 Things I Learned Using Civil AccuDraw for the First Time

Written by:  Bryan Sullivan Civil AccuDraw is the civil-specific version of MicroStation AccuDraw. Both are intuitive, precision drafting tools. Civil AccuDraw goes beyond MicroStation AccuDraw by supporting civil-specific drafting functions, including stations and offsets, bearings and distances, elevations, and more. 1.  Civil AccuDraw is feature rich. MicroStation AccuDraw allows input in either polar or rectangular […]

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