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MicroStation Tip: Finding a Tool Key-in

Written By: Rod Wing At EnvisionCAD we provide training for CAD administrators and advanced users. As part of this instruction we cover building custom function key menus, tool boxes, menu bar options, task menus, batch scripts, and vba tools. All these usually require providing a MicroStation key-in to launch a MicroStation tool. This invariably leads […]

MicroStation CONNECT: Organizing DGNLibs

Written by Rod Wing Using DGNLibrary files to store various standards and resources is easy and convenient in MicroStation. This ease and convenience can also turn out to be a curse as it doesn’t take long for the ,dgnlib files to become unorganized and unwieldy. Figuring out what resources are in which dgnlib file can […]

MicroStation CONNECT: Enhanced Configuration Variables dialog

Written by:  Rod Wing The Configuration Variable dialog in MicroStation CONNECT Edition has been updated to allow for a more customized display and easier variable searching . To open the Configuration Variables dialog select File > Settings > Configuration > Configuration Variables   In the top-center section of the dialog there is a new Search field. […]

MicroStation CONNECT: Associating Files to a WorkSet

Written by: Rod Wing One of the many changes in the MicroStation CONNECT Workspace is that the former Project setting has been replaced by WorkSet.  This is more than just a simple name change as design files in MicroStation CONNECT edition are associated with a WorkSet. There are different methods to migrate MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries) […]

MicroStation CONNECT Edition Now Available!

The MicroStation product team is pleased to announce the availability of MicroStation CONNECT Edition on the Fulfillment Center.  This ground-breaking next generation of MicroStation incorporates a substantial number of requested enhancements as well as innovative new capabilities to increase your team’s productivity. The CONNECT Edition provides the first common environment for comprehensive project delivery – comprising a common modeling environment, […]

MicroStation CONNECT Edition – The top five things you need to know

Written by:  Rod Wing Here at EnvisionCAD we were all excited  when MicroStation CONNECT Edition was released. We had been testing the technology preview releases, but seeing the general release got the inner geeks in us into overdrive. When you go to the SELECT Fulfillment Center to download MicroStation CONNECT your first indication that this is […]

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