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MicroStation Tip: XYZ Text

Written by:  Bob Mecham Delivered with MicroStation is a toolbar that will label coordinates in the file and import/export coordinates.  From the MicroStation pulldown menu select Tools > Annotation > XYZ Text. Label Point – will label points selected in the drawing.  The active text settings are used. Label Element – will label elements in […]

AutoCAD Civil 3D Tip: Converting Civil 3D Parcels to GIS Shapefiles

Written by:  Bryan Sullivan Here is a workflow for translating parcels with associated attributes, such as parcel number and parcel area; into shapefiles for use with GIS software such as ArcGIS.  Set a Coordinate System To set a coordinate system issue the command AeccEditDrawingSettings and choose one in the Units and Zone tab of the […]

AutoCAD Civil 3D Tip: Reproject Aerial Images Using Map Task Pane

Written by:  Ben Johnson Say you are working on a project in a county coordinate system, but you only have access to an aerial image in UTM. You will need a method for reprojecting that image to the county coordinate system so that it lines up with the rest of your project data. Map Task […]

InRoads Tip: Place Coordinate Grid

Written by Bob Mecham. Use the Place Coordinate Grid tool in InRoads to layout simple grid lines or points. 1. Place either a MicroStation Shape or Fence in the file to define the boundary of the grid placement. 2. From the InRoads menu, go to the Drafting > Place Coordinate Grid. 3. This will give you […]

MicroStation Tip: V8i SS3 with Google Earth and Map

Written by Bob Mecham. In this tutorial we will assign a coordinate system to a MicroStation DGN file and then export the file to a Google Earth KML file.  We will also take a look at Google Map integration with MicroStation.   See all of our MicroStation tips on this YouTube playlist.   Last Month’s Tips: […]

Reference AutoCAD to MicroStation and coordinates do not match

Written by Bob Mecham. We have taken this support call twice in the last month so I thought I would share a solution with everyone in case you have the same problem.  The problem is the user is attaching an AutoCAD DWG file to a MicroStation DGN design file. The coordinates in each of the […]

Longitude, Latitude Coordinate Input

In a previous tip we demonstrated how to obtain geographic coordinate readouts in MicroStation V8i and later releases. It is also possible to enter coordinate values in Longitude, Latitude units. When a geographic coordinate system is selected using the Geographic tool box MicroStation automatically creates an Auxiliary Coordinate System based on the selected geographic coordinate […]

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