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OpenRoads Tip: Reverse the Direction of Alignment

Written By: Robert Garrett This one is better described as a trick, rather than a tip. Caution: the following should be used with care and check all data after completion. It is always the best course of action to verify alignment direction at the time that the alignment is created. Sometimes we make a blunder […]

OpenRoads Tip: Corridor Modeling Manipulators

Written By: Bob Mecham There are two lines generated during modeling in OpenRoads. Dependent on which one you select, different context mini tool bars are presented. Corridor  Presents itself graphically as a solid line at the daylight or corridor catch points with handles originating from the side of the corridor shape. The tools in this […]

OpenRoads Tip: Point Controls Targeting MicroStation Graphics in Corridors

Written by: Bob Mecham Point Controls can be used to override the template in areas where lanes are widening or working with ditches.  By using point controls you can minimize the number of templates you are using in a corridor. In OpenRoads you have the ability to target a simple MicroStation graphic.  In the example […]

AutoCAD Civil 3D Tip: Civil 3D 2017 Introduces the Ability to Create Data Shortcuts for Corridors

Written by:  Ben Johnson Creating data shortcuts for sharing data in the form of Civil 3D objects is nothing new. However, until now this functionality did not extend to corridors. The typical workflow when creating cross section views for a corridor project was to XREF the corridor file into the section drawing, data shortcut the […]

OpenRoads Tip – Create Terrain Element from Corridor and Add Exterior Boundary

Written by:  Bob Mecham In this tip we will show you how to create a terrain element from your corridor.  Then we will show you how to constrain the terrain by importing an exterior boundary. MORE HELPFUL TIPS                                     […]

OpenRoads Tip: 5 Things to Know When Working with Superelevations

Written by:  Bob Mecham Working with superelevations in the OpenRoads SS4 release is much different from previous versions of InRoads or GEOPAK. Here are 5 things to know when when you start defining your first superelevations. 1. Superelevation has to be built in its own CAD file Once the 2D file is created it is referenced […]

AutoCAD Civil 3D Tip: Adding Sample Lines in the Middle of the Existing Sample Line Group

Written by:  Ben Johnson Have you ever created a group of corridor section views, done a bunch of labeling edits to your automated code set labels; and then find out you need to add a few sections right in the middle of the sample line group? Now you have to spend a bunch of time […]

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