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InRoads Tip: Modify End Condition Priority Conflicts

Written by: Bob Mecham When working with End Conditions in your InRoads, GEOPAK, or OpenRoads Templates depending on the order that you added the end conditions to the template will determine how the end conditions will find the solution. There are two choices for fixing End Condition Priority Conflicts.  The first is to go to each […]

Templates, Curbs, and Driveway Openings – InRoads V8i (SELECTseries)

Written by Bob Mecham. In this tutorial we demonstrate a workflow for interchanging mountable and barrier curb sections. The Template contains end conditions which test for a specific feature style location or alternately a surface. Utilizing InRoads Display Rules allows Roadway Designer to determine which curb section is applied.   See all of our InRoads […]

Template End Conditions Bypassing the First Intercept Point

Written by Bob Mecham. Bypassing the First Intercept – InRoads Roadway Designer In this tutorial we will demonstrate using an end condition that will bypass the first intercept surface point and locate the last intercept point on the surface.   See all of our InRoads tips on this YouTube playlist.  

End Condition Transition

Here is a solution to transition end condition slopes over a station range vs. between template intervals. The problem: Abrupt transition of end condition slopes between template drops. Template interval is every 10’. By default the end condition slopes transition between adjoining template drops (351+90 to 352+00) Desired solution: Linear transition of end condition slopes […]

Last Intercept with Surface

Creating an end-condition that finds the ‘last’ intercept with a surface. Create an End Condition The end condition required to accomplish this is really quite simple and only requires 1 component comprised of 2 segments. Component 1 From the hinge, create an end condition component that extends horizontally past any possible initial intercepts. For example; […]

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