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AutoCAD Civil 3D Tip: Production Efficiency

Written by: Dhanil Nikolla Section Views and Sheet Layout Move section views between section view groups: The section views that you want to move and the destination section view group must share the same sample line group. Section views can be moved from the individual section views collection to a section view group, or from […]

SUDA Tip: Join Adjacent Conduits

Written By: Robert Garrett Problem: I have two conduits which are supposed to connect but do not because there was a slight gap between the ends of the geometry I used for creating the models. How can I join the two conduits without creating a new node? You may find yourself with something similar to […]

SUDA Tip: Units Confusion

Written by Robert Garrett There is a problem in the SUDA tools, which is not widely known, that can lead to issues with units.  The problem leads to the units in the SUDA data being stored as Imperial Feet even though the SUDA seed file is defined with Survey Feet. In your SUDA seed file, […]

Revit Tip: Organizing Reference Planes Using Subcategories

Written By: Steven Norin Reference planes in Revit are handy tools and have many uses. In 2017 Revit introduced a way to organize those reference planes by creating subcategories. By adding sub categories and changing the line pattern and color in Object Styles you can quickly tell the purpose of the reference plane. They could […]

CAD On-demand!

Written by: Lisa Polonski These days, who hasn’t binged on a TV series via on-demand streaming video and then felt like a sloth upon realizing how much time you spent sucked in episode after episode?   Have you ever DVR’d missed episodes for later watching?   Have you sat on the couch, or even in bed, still […]

Meet Eric Gates – Senior CAD Specialist

EnvisionCAD Staff: Meet Eric Gates – Senior CAD Specialist BIO: DOB – September 10, 1965 Hometown – Torrence, CA Current Residency – Mount Horeb, WI Family Life – Married, with two girl (dogs) and two boy (cats). Two sisters and a brother, whom all live in different states Hobbies – Traveling (sightseeing), Being outdoors, ATV […]

My Top 10 Civil 3D Pet Peeves

Written by The EnvisionCAD Civil 3D Team.   1. Viewports not locked. So, your scale and location are set for your viewports, yet you don’t lock any of them? Is this an April fool’s joke? 2. Messing with data shortcut .xml files. And you wonder why none of your data shortcuts are showing up? 3. […]

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