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SUDA Tip: Join Adjacent Conduits

Written By: Robert Garrett Problem: I have two conduits which are supposed to connect but do not because there was a slight gap between the ends of the geometry I used for creating the models. How can I join the two conduits without creating a new node? You may find yourself with something similar to […]

InRoads Tip: Modeling a Conditional Curb

Written by Ronald Brys. Follow Up on Conditional Curb Openings Tip: Templates, Curbs and Driveway Openings.    See all of our InRoads tips on this YouTube playlist.     Last Month’s Tips:                     MicroStation: Backup & Undo        InRoads: OpenRoads                VBA: […]

Managing the Graphic Display of Features

Features are not part of a graphic group when displayed so it is not as easy as deleting triangles and contours. In this tutorial we will demonstrate an easy way to remove all the features that may have been displayed when creating a surface from your corridor model. See all of our InRoads tips on […]

Annotate MicroStation Graphics with InRoads

Now you can annotate MicroStation graphics using an InRoads Feature Style. This will allow you to label lines and arcs just as you would without having to import the data into a Geometry Project. From the InRoads pull down menu 
File > View Geometry > Annotate Graphics. The Annotate Graphics dialog will appear. Select a […]

Display Underground Features in Profile and Cross Section

See all of our InRoads tips on this YouTube playlist.  

EnvisionCAD XIN Manager v1.65 Released

Based on client feedback we have made a series of improvements to the interface and functionality of the EnvisionCAD XIN Manager. What’s new in EnvisionCAD XIN Manager v1.65: Reformatted layout of XIN Feature Styles worksheet for ease of readability and to decrease check-out time. XIN Feature Styles worksheet will now force update of Symbology Names […]

Create New Feature Styles and Named Symbologies

The Envision CAD Manager was built as an application to verify existing components in an XIN. However more comes into play when using the application. Seldom is an XIN static, you are always making modifications or adding to them. To make adding Feature Styles and Named Symbologies easier we have added a Copy button to […]

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