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MicroStation Tip: Finding a Tool Key-in

Written By: Rod Wing At EnvisionCAD we provide training for CAD administrators and advanced users. As part of this instruction we cover building custom function key menus, tool boxes, menu bar options, task menus, batch scripts, and vba tools. All these usually require providing a MicroStation key-in to launch a MicroStation tool. This invariably leads […]

MicroStation Tip: Automate Coordinate Entries

Written by Rod Wing For those of you who have had to do a lot of coordinate entry in MicroStation, either through the key-in browser or using AccuDraw, you know what a chore that can be. You can use Excel and Notepad to create a MicroStation script file to make that job much easier. In […]

Longitude, Latitude Coordinate Input

In a previous tip we demonstrated how to obtain geographic coordinate readouts in MicroStation V8i and later releases. It is also possible to enter coordinate values in Longitude, Latitude units. When a geographic coordinate system is selected using the Geographic tool box MicroStation automatically creates an Auxiliary Coordinate System based on the selected geographic coordinate […]

Change Font Size in Word Processor Dialog

If the text in the word processor dialog is too small or jagged try increasing the display size with this key-in. “wordprocessor displayfontsize x” where x is the size  In the above screen capture the key-in “wordprocessor displayfontsize 20“ was used to increase the font display size.

Geographic Keyins

In MicroStation V8i and later releases that support geographic coordinate systems there are key-in commands available to manage coordinate system definitions. geocoordinate assign <gcsname> Assigns a geographic coordinate system to the active model. geocoordinate assign reproject <gcsname> Reprojects design file graphics in the active model from the current geographic coordinate system to a new geographic […]

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