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MicroStation CONNECT Tip: Drop Element

Written By: Rod Wing The Drop Element tool icon in MicroStation CONNECT ribbon (Drawing -> Home -> Groups) has been expanded to offer specific drop tools without having to toggle on/off multiple checkboxes in the tool settings window. Selecting the down arrow next to the Drop Element icon in the ribbon panel will present a […]

MicroStation CONNECT Tip: Drawing Scale

Written by Rod Wing The Annotation Scale drop-down list allows you to change the active Annotation Scale. This list is available via a number of dialogs in MicroStation. In previous versions of MicroStation all available drawing scales defined in your units.def file were displayed. This behavior has changed in MicroStation CONNECT Edition. The displayed selection of […]

MicroStation CONNECT: Pen Table Macros

Written by Rod Wing Support for the legacy MicroStation Basic macros has been removed in MicroStation CONNECT. This also means these macros can no longer be used in your MicroStation Pen Tables. In the Pen Table editor dialog some organizations define a MicroStation Basic macro in the Element Output Actions to make changes to specific […]

MicroStation CONNECT: Print to InterPlot Server

Written by Rod Wing MicroStation CONNECT Edition allows for printing directly to a ProjectWise InterPlot Server plotter without the need for installing ProjectWise InterPlot Client. A new InterPlot Server plot configuration file (interplot.pltcfg) is delivered to assist with printing directly to your InterPlot plotters. Similar to the default printer.pltcfg plot configuration file you will want […]

MicroStation CONNECT: UCF and PCF files

Written by Rod Wing MicroStation CONNECT Edition has a User Configuration level just as previous versions. The big change in CONNECT is that there is no way for the user to change the User Configuration file they are using, and by extension the User Preference file. In CONNECT Edition the .ucf and .upf files are […]

MicroStation CONNECT: Organization, Workspaces, and Worksets

Written by Rod Wing MicroStation CONNECT Edition configurations are a bit different from previous versions of MicroStation. The basic configuration file (.cfg) format and syntax remains unchanged, but the structure and configuration levels have changed significantly. Organization The Organization level replaces what used to be called the Site level. In the default configuration the Organization […]

MicroStation CONNECT: Opening the Snap Mode toolbox (button bar)

Written by: Rod Wing In previous editions of MicroStation a common user preference was to open the Snap Mode tool box by selecting the Snap icon on the MicroStation status bar then selecting Button Bar from the pop-up menu. In MicroStation CONNECT there is no tool or menu option labeled Button Bar.  To display the Snap […]

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