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Bentley Enlivens Reality Modeling through Acquisition of e-on Software

Bentley recently announced that it acquired e-on software, a leader in the creation, simulation, and integration of natural 3D environments.  e-on software is widely acclaimed in the digital content creation (DCC) market, where its VUE and PlantFactory products are a mainstay among computer graphics (CG) professionals in the media and entertainment, science, and education industries. Bentley Systems CEO Greg Bentley […]

3D Photo Match

In this tutorial we will demonstrate one workflow to create a photo simulation using MicroStation. Below are some items to consider before you take your first photo. Ranked in order from “most important” to “still important.” Know the location where the photo was taken within a 5′ diameter, including elevation, and eye height from the […]

MicroStation Tip: Rendering Material Assignments in Google Earth

Written by: Bob Mecham Credit to: Margaret Valletta – McFarland Johnson I was providing professional guidance to Margaret on a 3D rendering project.  She wanted to take her 3D MicroStation model and export it to Google Earth.  I shared with her one of my previous tips MicroStation V8i SS3 with Google Earth and Map that showed how to […]

MicroStation Tip: 3D Civil Content for MicroStation Visualization

Written by Bob Mecham.   I am often asked, “Where do you get 3D MicroStation Cells and other 3D content?”  There are a number of free and pay for websites that I usually use but I would first recommend downloading the Civil Content for Visualization package from Bentley SELECTservices downloads under Enhancements and Updates.  This […]

Using Point Cells in a Visualization – Tree Example

In this tutorial we will show a workflow for placing a number of trees into a MicroStation Visualization utilizing Point Cells. There are two properties of a point cell that make this work well, a point cell takes on the active symbology and the cell always stays rotated normal to the view. See all of […]

Visualization Example – Trees, People, and Signs

In this tutorial we will show you a workflow for placing Trees People and Signs into your 3D rendered images with MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries). See all of our MicroStation tips on this YouTube playlist.  

Rendering – Fur Settings for Grass

The ability to render realistic grass has been included in the (SELECTseries 2) release of MicroStation. Below are the steps and a couple tips on working with the data. Open the Material Editor dialog. From the Material Editor dialog drop down menu Settings > Advanced Load the Landscape.pal [Bentley_Materials.dgnlib] palette. Select a grass lawn material […]

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