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OpenRoads Tip: Reverse the Direction of Alignment

Written By: Robert Garrett This one is better described as a trick, rather than a tip. Caution: the following should be used with care and check all data after completion. It is always the best course of action to verify alignment direction at the time that the alignment is created. Sometimes we make a blunder […]

AutoCAD Civil 3D Tip: Adding Link, Point, and Shape Codes to Code Set Styles

Written By: Bryan Sullivan In last month’s tip, we imported custom subassemblies into Civil 3D. These custom subassemblies may have different Link, Point, and Shape codes than we had before. In order to use any new codes in a drawing we need to add them to a Code Set Style. Our new subassembly codes can […]

InRoads Tip: Place Dimensions in Roadway Designer

Written by: Bob Mecham Place Temporary Dimension Line Having the ability to view horizontal distances and slopes as you step through your section view of Roadway Designer can help evaluate the design and transitions. More than one dimension line can be placed in a section view. The dimension lines are cleared when the corridor is changed/reselected, […]

InRoads Tip: Display References in Roadway Designer

Written by: Bob Mecham As part of the InRoads design process it can be useful to display all the necessary design features in Roadway Designer instead of having to go back to the MicroStation view to see where they are.  For example, if you want to view where your Right-of-Way is located in plan view or […]

InRoads Tip: Modify End Condition Priority Conflicts

Written by: Bob Mecham When working with End Conditions in your InRoads, GEOPAK, or OpenRoads Templates depending on the order that you added the end conditions to the template will determine how the end conditions will find the solution. There are two choices for fixing End Condition Priority Conflicts.  The first is to go to each […]

New class – Corridor Modeling for GEOPAK and InRoads

Written by Bob Mecham. EnvisionCAD is pleased to announce our newest class offering “Corridor Modeling for GEOPAK and InRoads“.  The content presented in this 2-day class covers components, templates, and roadway designer. This course includes the workflow necessary for the migration of GEOPAK data for use with Bentley’s roadway designer technology. This training is available […]

Using Parametric Constraints in Templates and Roadway Designer – InRoads V8i (SELECTseries)

Written by Bob Mecham. In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to define parametric constraints on points in the template.  Then we will use those constraints to define a road widening in Roadway Designer.   See all of our InRoads tips on this YouTube playlist.  

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