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OpenRoads Tip: Working with Geometry and Snap Constraints

Written by: Bob Mecham In this OpenRoads Geometry tutorial we will show you how Snap Constrains are created and how make sure that they are not used.  We will also show you how to remove a snap constraint after it has been applied.  Contact us for OpenRoads Training, Consulting, and Setup.

OpenRoads Tip: Use Plan View Snap to Lock Civil Accudraw in Profile

Written by:  Bob Mecham Did you know that with Civil AccuDraw you can work both in the plan view and profile view while placing a geometry element.  In this example, we will show you how to place a profile starting at a culvert location used in the plan view. Start by opening a profile view […]

OpenRoads Tip: How do I get my Mini Toolbar back?

Written by:  Bob Mecham In OpenRoads depending on what type of element you select and hover on; a mini toolbar with context sensitive menu will appear.  Below are a couple examples. Survey Linear Feature Horizontal Geometry Corridor If for some reason you can no longer see your Mini Toolbars. Go to the MicroStation pull down […]

AutoCAD Civil 3D Tip: 2D Measurements on 3D Objects

by Ben Johnson   Have you ever wanted a quick 2D measurement when snapping to 3D objects such as cogo points, feature lines, surfaces or any other Civil 3D objects? The trouble is, default system variable settings allow OSNAP to snap to these objects using the object Z (elevation) value as well as its X […]

MicroStation Tip: Multi-snap and Setting Priority

Written by Bob Mecham. Multi-snap is an extension of AccuSnap allowing the user to use more than one snap at a time. For example, Keypoint, Nearest, and Intersection snap can run simultaneously. This will save time of changing to different snap modes. There is an order of how the Multi-snaps are processed this order can […]

What’s new with Fences

In this tutorial we will show you whats new with fences in MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries). The new tools include Copy Move Fence Contents, AccuSnap with fences, and Saved fences.     See all of our MicroStation tips on this YouTube playlist.  

Working with a 3D File – Display Depth and Active Depth

Here are solutions to a couple of the most common issues we hear about. Key-ins: (watch your prompt & message fields) AZ=? will display your ‘active depth’ (the elevation data points will assume when drawing elements). AZ=800.12 will set your active depth (the elevation you want to draw at). DP=? will display the ‘vertical slice’ […]

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