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Google Map Integration with MicroStation

Locate your project in Google Maps With the release of MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries 3) we now have the ability to integrate Google Maps with MicroStation.  Simply by picking a point in the MicroStation view Google Maps will then open to the same location as your CAD file.  This will make it really simple to review […]

EnvisionCAD XIN Manager v1.65 Released

Based on client feedback we have made a series of improvements to the interface and functionality of the EnvisionCAD XIN Manager. What’s new in EnvisionCAD XIN Manager v1.65: Reformatted layout of XIN Feature Styles worksheet for ease of readability and to decrease check-out time. XIN Feature Styles worksheet will now force update of Symbology Names […]

Element Display Order in 3D Design Files

In this tutorial we will show you the new procedure in MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries) to control the display order of elements in a 3D design file. The default method is set to the elevation of the element. With a simple edit to a Display Style the legacy draw order could also be used.

Create New Feature Styles and Named Symbologies

The Envision CAD Manager was built as an application to verify existing components in an XIN. However more comes into play when using the application. Seldom is an XIN static, you are always making modifications or adding to them. To make adding Feature Styles and Named Symbologies easier we have added a Copy button to […]

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