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SUDA Tip: Join Adjacent Conduits

Written By: Robert Garrett Problem: I have two conduits which are supposed to connect but do not because there was a slight gap between the ends of the geometry I used for creating the models. How can I join the two conduits without creating a new node? You may find yourself with something similar to […]

SUDA Tip: Units Confusion

Written by Robert Garrett There is a problem in the SUDA tools, which is not widely known, that can lead to issues with units.  The problem leads to the units in the SUDA data being stored as Imperial Feet even though the SUDA seed file is defined with Survey Feet. In your SUDA seed file, […]

SUDA – Which Property Panel Should I Use?

Written By: Robert Garrett You may have noticed that there are two locations to access the properties for utility features in OpenRoads. This is seen in the context toolbox: Also, if you select a utility feature, you see some information which can be edited in the Element Information property panel and a lot more information […]

SUDA Tip: Shallow Nodes

Written By: Robert Garrett Sometimes, when we model nodes in SUDA whose minimum depth is very shallow, we are surprised to see that the depth is not what we expected. For example, the inlet shown below should have a relatively small minimum depth of 2.33 ft. But, when we place it, the depth looks too […]

SUDA Tip: How to Configure a Single Structure Which Contains Two Independent Grates

Written by Robert Garrett In a roadway with a center barrier, we often use storm drain inlets like this one. This type of structure presents a unique challenge for producing a 3D model representing the total structure while also allowing surface flow calculations independently for each grate.  Additionally, the elevations of the two grates could be […]

SUDA Tip – Best Practice for Headwall 3D cells

Written by: Robert Garrett When configuring the 3D cells of head walls for use in SUDA, there are some required construction points to be created in the cell. Alignment Point – a point of construction class and line style of 3 is used to align the 3D cell with the 2D cell used for plan view presentation. […]

SUDA – Setting node orientation relative to centerline

In the OpenRoads Subsurface Utility tools, the rotation of nodes is always stored internally as an absolute angle. As you can see in the next image, even though the selected node appears to be relative to the red centerline, if you look at the angle manipulator, you can see that the node rotation is stored […]

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