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OpenRoads Survey Tip: What is different with field coding in SS4?

Written by:  Bob Mecham If you are coming from an InRoads, GEOPAK or MXROAD Survey coding system, OpenRoads technology necessitates some changes for how field data is collected. Being a surveyor myself I know how much surveyors enjoy change so I thought I would share some of these with you. A big difference you will […]

OpenRoads Survey Tip – Create Terrain Model Exterior Boundary

Written by:  Bob Mecham In this tip, we will show you how to create an exterior boundary for a terrain model when it is generated from an OpenRoads Survey field book.   MORE HELPFUL TIPS                                          […]

OpenRoads Tip: 3D Elements from Survey Data

Written by:  Bob Mecham OpenRoads Survey can automatically create 3D elements in your CAD file. Some uses are pipes, trees, and utility structures such as manholes and inlets or above-ground structures. This has multiple benefits.  This includes 3D graphics in the drawing which provides a foundation for BIM, clash detection, I-models and more.  Additionally, OpenRoads will […]

OpenRoads Tip: Attach Media Files to Survey Data

Written by:  Bob Mecham OpenRoads Survey allows users to attach media files such as photos, movies and sounds to survey data. Beginning in, images can be automatically imported and assigned to specific points from any data collector format.  The rule is that the point must contain an attribute where the attribute name contains “PHOTO” and […]

OpenRoads Tip: Working with Survey Settings

Written by: Bob Mecham In OpenRoads Technology (SS3 and beyond) standards are managed through the use of *.dgnlibs. This includes settings for survey items such as Link Codes, Import Formats, Text Size, and Terrain Model creation. However project specific Survey Settings that deviate from established standards can be made.  For example, when you import your RAW […]

InRoads Tip: InRoads Survey – Filtering Fieldbook Contents

Written by Ronald Brys. A fact that escapes a lot of InRoads Survey users is the ability to filter the contents of a fieldbook. Filtering can be used to limit the active contents, display, and export of particular survey features based on shot number, code, attributes and other properties. Also very useful when making fieldbook edits. […]

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