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OpenRoads Tip: Terrain Model – Control Triangles in Concave Areas of Project

Written By: Robert Garrett Pretty much every project has one or more areas like shown below, where terrain model triangles will cut across the concave corner of the project. My first choice is always to adjust the Edge Method to “Max Triangle Length”, but even with the most appropriate choice, there will still usually be […]

OpenRoads Tip: Terrain Model – How to Extract Break Lines

Written By: Robert Garrett I recently fielded a question where the designer needed to extract the break lines which existed in the OpenRoads Terrain model.  The designer could see them by toggling the display settings in properties but could not determine how to extract the break lines into separate and distinct graphical elements. The following […]

OpenRoads Tip: Editing and Updating Terrains Created By Graphical Filters

Written by: Bob Mecham In last months tip we discussed Importing Terrain from Graphics. However when using the Edit Terrain Model toolbar it reports “Not an Editable Terrain”. What if we wanted to edit the graphics in the design file to update the Terrain Model instead of using the Edit Terrain Model toolbar.  The following […]

OpenRoads Tip: Import Terrain from Graphics “Not an Editable Terrain”

Written by: Bob Mecham The problem may occur after you have created an OpenRoads terrain element using the Create Terrain Model by Graphical Filter.  Then you may need to delete a vertex or swap a triangle edge of the terrain but OpenRoads gives you the following error message “Not an Editable Terrain.” To correct the situation […]

OpenRoads Survey Tip – Create Terrain Model Exterior Boundary

Written by:  Bob Mecham In this tip, we will show you how to create an exterior boundary for a terrain model when it is generated from an OpenRoads Survey field book.   MORE HELPFUL TIPS                                          […]

OpenRoads Tip – Create Terrain Element from Corridor and Add Exterior Boundary

Written by:  Bob Mecham In this tip we will show you how to create a terrain element from your corridor.  Then we will show you how to constrain the terrain by importing an exterior boundary. MORE HELPFUL TIPS                                     […]

OpenRoads Tip – Add a Spot Elevation to a Terrain

Written by:  Ron Brys In this video tutorial we will show you the workflow for adding a 3D point to an OpenRoads Terrain Element. MORE OPENROADS INFORMATION                                                        OpenRoads […]

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