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MicroStation Tip: Modify Dimension Text

Written by Bob Mecham. Editing text in a dimension can be done the same as editing any other text in the file. Text Toolbar Open the Text toolbar from the pulldown menu: Tools > Main > Text   Edit Text Using the Edit Text tool you can select any dimension text and add additional words, […]

Creating a Text Style Standard

Written by Bob Mecham Creating a Text Style Standard Text Style Naming Implementing text styles makes annotating the drawing more efficient in most situations.  We talk about them in our MicroStation CAD Manager class.  Text styles contain specific predefined text format settings. Having such settings predefined as text styles minimizes the frequency of which settings need […]

Text Masking using Text Styles

When placing text in a plan sheet it is preferred that there is no line work or graphics behind the text. Having the graphics behind the text makes it difficult to read. MicroStation Text Styles allow for a background to be placed around the text to make it appear as the text is clipping the […]

Change Font Size in Word Processor Dialog

If the text in the word processor dialog is too small or jagged try increasing the display size with this key-in. “wordprocessor displayfontsize x” where x is the size  In the above screen capture the key-in “wordprocessor displayfontsize 20“ was used to increase the font display size.

Change Case

MicroStation V8i has added a Change Case selection to the right click menu in the Text Editor – Word Processor dialog. Simply right click in the text area of the dialog to display the menu then select Change Case and desired case setting. Change Case uses the Apply changes to all text option in the […]

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