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MicroStation CONNECT: UCF and PCF files

Written by Rod Wing MicroStation CONNECT Edition has a User Configuration level just as previous versions. The big change in CONNECT is that there is no way for the user to change the User Configuration file they are using, and by extension the User Preference file. In CONNECT Edition the .ucf and .upf files are […]

Top 10 Configuration Variables for OpenRoads

Written by Bob Mecham. With the release of OpenRoads Technology the design tools are closely integrated into the platform product MicroStation.  This requires additional configuration variables (over 20) to help point and load certain resources for OpenRoads.  The design standards are obviously meant to be followed; however, they will not be if the CAD Manager does […]

Increase daily productivity by defining Plotting Variables in MicroStation

Written by Bob Mecham.    If there is one constant in your daily work, at some point you will need to plot your MicroStation file.  Plotting is one area where a CAD Manager can make immediate and measurable improvements in daily workflows.  By standardizing your plotting resources and defining variables to use those resources, the […]

Civil 3D – Make Smooth Pipes in Section View

Written by Eric Gates. Are your Civil 3D pipes not smooth in your section views? Do they look more like diamonds then pipes? Here is a little gem that will smooth out this problem. The smoothness of the pipes in the section view is created using the Civil 3D variable Facetdev  (Facet Deviations) which is […]

Use Select Case instead of If-ElseIf

When performing multiple comparisons it is easy to get trapped into using multiple If-ElseIf statements. While that will certainly accomplish the task a cleaner, and more efficient, way to do this is to use the Select Case construct. Examples of the same comparison are shown below. In the Select Case example notice that you are […]

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