Text Masking using Text Styles

When placing text in a plan sheet it is preferred that there is no line work or graphics behind the text. Having the graphics behind the text makes it difficult to read. MicroStation Text Styles allow for a background to be placed around the text to make it appear as the text is clipping the graphics behind it.

    1. From the pull down menu Element > Text Styles. The Element Text Styles dialog will appear.
    2. Create a new Text Style named Mask Text.
    3. Setup the font and text size as needed.
    4. Select the tab Background and toggle ON the Background.
    5. From the Color drop down for Fill Color and Color select B in the lower right hand corner of the dialog. This will set the masking color to be the same as the background color.
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  1. Place text using the new style Mask Text.


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4 comments on “Text Masking using Text Styles

  1. arthur Reply

    the problem we are facing is it is blanking also the other reference hatches and filled region that we need

    is it possible to mask the text only for a specified object like smartlines?

  2. Rod Wing Reply

    That is not possible with a text mask. In order to accomplish this type of masking you will need to disable the text style mask, draw a separate masking shape to cover the smartlines, and then adjust the display and/or print priorities accordingly.

  3. Ian Monday Reply

    Can you make a text background (color background) in a DWG file?

    We are currently only using micro station for DWG files (client wants) and the background option is greyed-out/unselectable.
    When I open a DGN file I am able to add the text background.

    • Rod Wing Reply

      Hello Ian,
      Text masks using a text style definition is not supported in the dwg file format, that is why it is disabled when you are editing a dwg file in MicroStation. Converting a dgn file with text masks to dwg format the text masking is not carried through to the output dwg file.

      You will need to find another way to place a background behind your text.

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