The Invaluable CAD Keystone

Written by Lisa Polonski.

“The Keystone of successful business is cooperation. Friction retards progress.”

 – James Cash Penney (J.C. Penney)

Any project manager with a vested interest in the productivity of the organization knows that  cooperation and communication in departments such as transportation, architectural, construction, environmental, site development, bridges, railroad, airport, survey and GIS are essential to success. The CAD department can be that invaluable keystone to help span the gap between design and production and enhance communication for productivity.


CAD used to be exclusive to engineers and architects. Now, CAD files can be seen in visualization, construction and asset management. This makes CAD pivotal in the exchange of engineering and architectural information. For this reason, the CAD department takes on the role of the keystone and can serve to bring departments together.

 The CAD manager or a member of the CAD department is an instrumental resource to have onboard from the get go. Other departments can advance productivity by fully comprehending the technology that can be applied. A CAD professional can act as a translator of CAD jargon and technological capabilities to aid these departments in maximizing technology use.

To take advantage of this advanced design of your production process, invite the CAD manager of other CAD professional into the project team kickoff meetings and other quality and improvement initiatives. The expertise of a CAD professional early on, functions as the technological unity to help avoid errors and capitalize on efficiency.

The discovery of the keystone allowed for more than simple doorways through walls – it allowed for great expanses in design. The discovery of the CAD keystone can allow for similar expanses within the adeptness of your inter-departmental project team.

If you are presently lacking a CAD keystone, or your project team needs a ready-to-jump-in CAD professional, then we at Envision CAD can be that support. Let us be the keystone to help you span the gap between design and production. Feel free to visit our website at or contact us at any time at (608) 836-3903 to learn more about building your archway to productivity via a CAD managed services solution.


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