Through the Looking-Glass of Senior Management (Part 2)

Written by Lisa Polonski.

7-9-2013 10-16-13 AM

If Part 1 of this logical nonsense blog (the only way to describe a piece authored by Carroll — and I suppose us!) left you “curiouser and curiouser” about the motives and goals of senior management, here lies the continuation of that.


Again, with the overarching goals of senior management lying in profitability here are more of the objectives they hold central in meeting that goal and how a CAD managed services solution aids in their attainment.

Overarching Goal: Profit. It should not be surprising that at the core lies the goal of increased profitability. Senior managers are driven by financial success. All further objectives result in this measurable outcome. CAD Managed SolutionDemonstrating the time and cost savings that the efforts of managing a CAD environment procure is necessary in communicating its necessity and value to senior management. Keep this in mind through each objective noted.


CAD Managed Solution

Smooth Design ProcessSenior management wants to spend as little time and money as possible time dealing with obstacles in the production process.  They increased profitability that comes from a smooth process.A managed CAD environment offers the opportunity to prevent complications and offer quick resolutions when difficulties are encountered via careful analyses and experience in CAD error-reduction and solutions.
Upheld Company ReputationSenior management serves to ensure that the reputation of a company is upheld by meeting requirements and adhering to mission statements.CAD management maintains standardization and the quality of projects produced, ensuring this goal is attained.
Client SatisfactionHappy customers mean happy growing companies and thus happy management.A managed CAD environment provides quantitative results for delivering a professional product to your client.


Well, for another play on the words of Carroll: Now that you have seen our insight, we believe in you, will you believe in us? Please contact us or give us a call at 608.836.3903 to discuss ways you can best advise senior management of the value in a managed CAD environment and how our CAD Managed Services can help.


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