AccuSnap – Cycle through all elements within range

Published on August 18, 2009

In MicroStation V8i an enhancement has been made to AccuSnap to make it easier to snap to the desired element when there are multiple elements within range of your snap tolerance. Simply use the <Tab> key on your keyboard to cycle through the elements with range.

Snap to first element

  1. Turn on AccuSnap
  2. Select the Place SmartLine command (or other command that supports AccuSnap).
  3. Move the mouse to the target location and let AccuSnap automatically snap to the first element it finds.

Snap to subsequent elements in range

  1. Set MicroStation’s input focus is set to the Home position by pressing the <Esc> key on your keyboard
  2. Press the <Tab> key on your keyboard.
  3. AccuSnap will snap to the next element within range.

  4. Continue pressing the <Tab> key until the desired element is identified, accept the location with <D> button and continue drafting.
  5. If there are no more elements within range pressing the <Tab> key again will result in no elements being identified.
  6. Press the <Tab> key again to restart the snap cycle.

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