Last Intercept with Surface

Published on June 8, 2009

Creating an end-condition that finds the ‘last’ intercept with a surface.

end condition with last intercept as surface

Create an End Condition
The end condition required to accomplish this is really quite simple and only requires 1 component comprised of 2 segments.

end condition with 1 component comprised of 2 segments

Component 1
From the hinge, create an end condition component that extends horizontally past any possible initial intercepts. For example; ‘Temp_Cut’ was created at a 2:1 slope from the hinge at a distance of 100’. This point has ‘Do Not Construct’ toggled on.

Component 2
From the Temp_Cut point, input a distance of 99’ and a slope of 2:1 (slope value is positive because we are working back towards the hinge). Toggle on ‘Check for Interception’ and ‘Pace Point at Interception’.

Test your new end condition and put it to use!

end condition test

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