Load AutoCAD Faster with NoLogo

Published on June 8, 2012

Written by Bob Mecham.

When launching AutoCAD do you have to wait through the Logo-loading process?  Every time you start AutoCAD do you see what is in Figure 1 below and count the extra time that it takes for AutoCAD to load?

AutoCAD training

Figure 1

AutoCAD trainingThere is a simple solution. You can use a switch, which is a little piece of text  that can be written into the properties in your Desktop icon.



Right-Click the mouse while the AutoCAD icon is selected, and select Properties. (Figure 2)

AutoCAD training

Figure 2

In the Properties dialog, go to the “Target:” textbox.  (Figure 3)

At the end of the text that is already in this box put a space between the last character, usually an end quote, and type /nologo This can be done with all AutoCAD software to speed up the load time.

AutoCAD training

Figure 3



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