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Published on August 17, 2009

The MarkPoint subassembly is used to mark an existing point on the assembly with a name. This is usually done so that other subassemblies can later insert links that attach back to this point (for this example, the LinkSlopesBetweenPoints is used). The attachment point is the point that is marked. You can add user-defined point codes to this marked point.

  1. Include LinkOffsetAndElevation subassembly and set Omit Link value to Yes.

    The LinkOffsetAndElevation subassembly is a general purpose utility to connect a link from the attachment point to a specified offset and elevation. An alignment can be substituted for the offset, and a feature line or profile for the elevation.

  2. Include MarkPoint subassembly and set Point Name value to NB_SBD_LT.
    (The Point Name value is arbitrary)

  3. Include LinkSlopesBetweenPoints subassembly and set Marked Point Name value to NB_SBD_LT.

    The LinkSlopesBetweenPoints subassembly is used to insert intersecting links between two points. It is typically used to place intersecting slopes to a V-ditch between the edges of two adjacent or merging roadways. A flat-bottomed ditch can also be specified.

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