MicroStation CONNECT: Enhanced Configuration Variables dialog

Published on May 24, 2016

Written by:  Rod Wing

The Configuration Variable dialog in MicroStation CONNECT Edition has been updated to allow for a more customized display and easier variable searching .

To open the Configuration Variables dialog select File > Settings > Configuration > Configuration Variables

CONNECT Configuration dialog


In the top-center section of the dialog there is a new Search field. Searching for a term will return matches within a variable name, but also Descriptions, Categories, and Expansions of the variables.



Another nice improvement are the customizable columns. You can toggle on and off the display of different columns and sort on the different column headings. The circular arrows in the Flags column indicate that after editing a MicroStation restart is required for the new value to take effect.

As with previous versions the dialog is still modal, which means you still have to close it before you can do anything else in MicroStation.


MicroStation_CONNECTEdition_Icon                             CB-5                                June2016_civil 3d image
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