Multiple Support File Paths with no changes to Civil 3D Path Settings

Published on July 12, 2012

A simple way to make Civil 3d’s out of the box file and path locations use the files you need from various locations and or agency configured directory structure, is to use windows shortcuts.

Civil 3D Training

Figure 1. This shows a Shared Plotter shortcut created in the default Civil3D plotter path location.

Just use windows to create a shortcut, and place it in Civil 3D’s original path location. (See Figure 2 for an example)  The target of the shortcut can be where you have the customized or additional file stored, whether on a network drive or locally in a easily accessible grouped location.

Civil3D Training

Figure 2. This shows the default Civil3D plotter path location in the default profile.

With this option there is no need to make or change the Setup Profile.  This will work for most paths and files, except template files and folder locations.

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