Point Range Filter

Published on May 6, 2009

In the V8i release of InRoads Survey a new enhancement will allow for the survey fieldbook to be filtered by point number range.

Create a point number range filter

  1. From the InRoads pull down menu select Survey > Fieldbook Data the Fieldbook Data dialog will appear.
  2. From the Fieldbook Data dialog select the Survey Filter button the Survey Filter dialog will appear.
    InRoads point number range filter dialog
  3. Set the Start With: None
  4. From the Properties drop down pick list select Point Range
  5. In the Value field type the point range separated by a dash “-“.
  6. Set the Mode: Include
  7. the Add Rule button
  8. the OK button the Survey Style Filter dialog will close.
    InRoads point number range filter - Survey Style filter
  9. From the locks toolbar toggle on Filter and only the points in the defined range will be displayed from the fieldbook.
    InRoads point number range, locks toolbar

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