Reset Starting Number in Name Template

Published on October 1, 2009


Have you ever created an alignment, corridor region or other Civil 3D object and then find the ‘next counter’ number in the name is not starting at one? This starting number can be reset to 1 in the Name Template.

To reset the starting number that is used for the Next Counter variable when creating a Civil 3D object such as an alignment, profile, feature, corridor, corridor baseline, corridor region, etc. simply follow the below steps.

The steps outlined are for resetting the corridor region name starting number. Resetting other Civil 3D object starting numbers would follow a similar process, but would be performed in the appropriate style setting location.

  1. In Tool Space dialog, Settings tab:
    • Expand Corridor, Commands
    • Right-click ‘CreateCorridor’, select Edit Command Settings…
  2. In Edit Command Settings dialog box:
    • Expand Default Name Format. Click in the Value Column of Corridor Region Name Template.
    • Click to make changes in the Name Template dialog box.

  3. In Name Template dialog box:
    • Enter 1 to reset starting number used for the next counter variable.
    • Click OK

  4. Click OK to apply settings in Edit Command Settings dialog box.

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