SUDA Tip: Shallow Nodes

Published on April 24, 2017

Written By: Robert Garrett

Sometimes, when we model nodes in SUDA whose minimum depth is very shallow, we are surprised to see that the depth is not what we expected. For example, the inlet shown below should have a relatively small minimum depth of 2.33 ft.

SUDA minimum depth inlet 3d model

But, when we place it, the depth looks too large.  In fact, if we check the difference in top and invert elevations, we find that the depth has been set to 3.2808 ft (or 1.0 meters)

SUDA Element information minimum depth

We can edit the bottom elevation to correct the error, but if we have a lot of these it quickly becomes tedious.

SUDA edit minimum depth

This issue is caused by a bug (at least it seems like a bug to me) in the SUDA software.  Somewhere is a hard coded value that says to always use 1.0 meters as a minimum depth. Even though the value is 1.0 meters, it affects imperial units files as well, hence the 3.2808 depth of the shallow node above.

The quick fix offered by Bentley was to add a configuration variable while a more permanent fix is developed. Add the following to your workspace configuration to overcome this problem.  With the variable in place, all nodes will always default to the minimum depth which results from the combination of the top and bottom cells.


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