Text Field Place Holder

Published on February 5, 2010

New in MicroStation V8i are Text Field Place Holders which will allow for the field to be undefined until used in a model. In this example we will use a Cell Properties Place Holder that will update values of the cell after the cell has been placed in the drawing.

  1. Open an existing cell for editing. In this example we will place a Text Field Place Holder for the Origin of the cell placement.
    MicroStation Training
  2. Edit the text in the cell add a new line and Right Click from the fly out menu select Insert Field. The Field Type dialog will appear.
    MicroStation Training
  3. From the Field Type dialog select Place Holder Cell Properties from the drop down menu. Then select the OK button the Fields Editor dialog will appear.
    MicroStation Training
  4. Expand the Geometry section of the dialog and select Origin. Modify the right side of the dialog to format the coordinate readout as you like.
    MicroStation Training
  5. Select the OK button the field Origin will be placed in the Word processor dialog.
    MicroStation Training
  6. Place the cell into a DGN file.
    MicroStation training
  7. To update the place holder field use the key-in “field update all”. The Origin field will be updated with the placement coordinates.
    MicroStation Training
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