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Published on December 14, 2011

MicroStation VBA has a very robust help system with many examples for common tasks. To get help on a VBA function, property, etc. hit F2 on the keyboard to open the Object Browser. Selecting an item in the browser window will display the arguments and return value for the object. For more information right click to display the pop-up menu and select Help from the list.

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The MicroStation VBA help window will open with the help information displayed for the selected object. Many items will have additional code examples to get a better understanding of how the object is used. If additional examples are available the Example link will be highlighted. Click on the link to view the example(s).

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If multiple examples for the object are available you will be prompted to select the one that most closely matches your need.

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The example code is displayed in the right pane of the help window. The object you selected will be used in the code sample and it will be highlighted.

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Additional code examples are available by expanding the Examples folder under the Contents tab on the left side of the help window.

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