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This course is designed for MicroStation users who want to incorporate raster imagery into their MicroStation drawings.  The class covers tools and options available in MicroStation Raster Manager as well as the raster editing and manipulation tools installed by Bentley Descartes.  In addition to working with standard raster images, this course also includes the tools for working with Point Clouds, Scalable Terrain Models, and Raster Surfaces.

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Topics Covered

1.  Raster Data Overview
-Vector Data Review
-Raster Data
-File Conversions
-Lab 1 – Raster Data Overview

2.  Raster Manager Basics
-Raster Manager Dialog
-Raster Manager Tool Box
-Raster Manager Preferences
-Lab 2 – Raster Manager Basics

3.  Bentley Descartes Basics
-Loading Bentley Descartes
-Descartes Additions to Raster Manager
-Additional File Types
-Descartes Preferences
-Workspace Configuration Variables
-Upgrading from MicroStation V8 and I/RAS B
-Lab 3 – Bentley Descartes Basics

4.  Image Display
-Descartes Raster Display
-Display Planes
-Binary Display
-Non-Binary Image Display
-Image Attributes
-Lab 4 – Image Display

5.  Enhance Image
-Enhance Image Toolbox
-Lab 5 – Enhance Image

6.  Image Editing
-Color Masks
-Touch-up Toolbox
-Cut/Copy/Paste Toolbox
-Dynamic Raster Snap
-Lab 6a – Binary Image Editing
-Lab 6b – Color Image Editing

7.  Image Transforms
-Descartes Raster Control Toolbox
-Lab 7a – Square and Crop Images
-Lab 7b – Merge and Corridor Images

8.  Local Transforms
-Local Transform Toolbox
-Lab 8 – Local Transforms

9.  Geographic Tranforms
-The Geographic Toolbox
-Longitude, Latitude Coordinate Readout
-Longitude, Latitude Coordinate Input
-ArcView Shapefile Import
-Reference Attachments
-Raster Manager
-Lab 9a – Working with Geographic Coordinate Systems
-Lab 9b – Attaching WMS Server Images

10.  Combining Images
-Combine Images
-Lab 10a – Combine Images
-Lab 10b – Mosaic Images

11.  Rasterizing Vector Data
-Rasterize Toolbox
-Lab 11 – Rasterizing Vector Data

12.  Vectorizing Raster Data
-Vectorize Toolbox
-Function Keys
-Text/Cells Toolbox
-Lab 12a – Heads-up Digitizing
-Lab 12b – Automatic Vectorization

13.  Image Registration
-Register Toolbox
-Lab 13 – Image Registration

14.  Image Draping
-Raster Manager
-Assign Material
-Render the View
-Lab 14 – Image Draping

15.  Point Clouds
-Point Cloud Overview
-Descartes Additions to the Point Cloud Dialog
-Point Cloud – Advanced Toolbox
-Lab 15 – Point Clouds

16.  Scalable Terrain Models
-Scalable Terrain Model Dialog
-Creating an STM from Point Cloud
-Element Information
-Export to MicroStation Terrain Model
-Lab 16 – Scalable Terrain Models

17.  Raster Surfaces
-Attach Raster Surfaces
-Thematic Set
-Lab 17 – Raster Surfaces

18.  Texture Tools
-Texture Tools Toolbox
-Lab 18 – Texture Tools

19.  Printing
-Image Properties
-Raster Quality Factor
-MicroStation Printing
-Lab 19 – Printing

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