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This course is designed for GEOPAK, InRoads, and MXRoads users who want to incorporate GIS data in their civil workflows. This course covers use of Map Manager for creating and managing map layers and themed output. Also covered are ArcView Shapefile interoperability capabilities, the topology tools, as well as coordinate system operations and transformations including Grid-to-Ground transformations.

Topics Covered

1. MicroStation Geographic Tools
– The Geographic Toolbox
— Geographic Coordinate System
— Global Positioning System (GPS)
— Export Google Earth (KML) File
— Capture Google Earth Image
— Define Placemark Monument
— Synchronize Google Earth View
— Follow Google Earth View
— Google Earth Settings
— Play Camera Animation In Google Earth
– Longitude, Latitude Coordinate Readout
– Longitude, Latitude Coordinate Input
– ArcView Shapefile Import
– Reference Attachments
— “On-the-fly” Reprojection
— Permanent Reprojection
– Raster Manager
— Create New WMS Server Attachment
— Reconnect Previous WMS Attachment

Lab 1A – Working with Coordinate Systems
– Open the Design File
– Define Coordinate System from Library
– Define Coordinate System from a File
– Define Coordinate System from a Reference
– Define Custom Coordinate System for Grid-to-Ground Transformation

Lab 1B – Google Earth
– Export to Google Earth

Lab 1C – Reprojecting Reference Attachments
– Attach Reference using Geographic Reprojection
– Attach Reference using AEC Transform
– Attach an ArcView Shapefile

Lab 1D – Attaching WMS Server Images
– Create a WMS Server Connection
– Attach a Previous WMS Server Connection

2. Bentley Map Basics
– What is Bentley Map?
– What is Bentley Geospatial Administrator?
– Starting Bentley Map
– Map Manager
– Command Manager
– Preferences

Lab 2 – Bentley Map Basics
– Start Bentley Map
– Create a Map Model
– Practice with Map Manager
– Configure Function Key for Command Manager

3. Interoperability
– Import
— Single File Import
— Directory Import
— Import by Spatial Criteria
— Import by Search Criteria
— Change Import Feature Symbology
— Importing 3D Graphics
– Export
— Single File Export
— Directory Export
— Export Notes

Lab 3 – Interoperability
– Import ArcView Shapefiles
– Import CSV File
– Export Shapefile
– Export CSV File

4. Command Manager and Utilities
– XFM Feature Editing
– Warp
– Reset Feature
– Attribute Masking
– Rainbow Masking
– Toggle Print Preparation Toolbox

Lab 4 – Command Manager and Utilities
– Practice using the Data Browser
– Search for XFM Features
– Place XFM Features

5. Coordinate Utilities
– Coordinate Display
– Grids, Graticules, and Labels
– Transformations and Warping
– Custom Coordinate Systems

Lab 5A – Coordinate Utilities
– Identify Control Points using the Warp Setup Tool
– Warp Elements using the Warp Setup Tool
– Identify Control Points using the Warp Tool
– Warp Elements using the Warp Tool

Lab 5B – Custom Coordinate Systems
– Setup User Coordinate System Seed File
– Copy Library Coordinate System to User Library
– Edit Coordinate System Parameters

6. Topology Tools
– Preferences and Settings
– Topology Cleanup
– Topology Creation

Lab 6 – Topology
– Topology Cleanup
– Topology Creation

7. Feature Display and Analysis
– Symbology
– Annotations and Labeling
– Analytic Tools

Lab 7A – Thematic Feature Display
– Create Thematic Displays
– Place Labels and Annotations

Lab 7B – Analytic Tools
– Create Buffers
– Create Overlays

8. Printing
– Print Preparation Toolbox
– Print Preparation Task

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