Corridor Modeling for GEOPAK and InRoads – $1,245

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ONLINECorridor Modeling for GEOPAK and InRoads – $1,245Contact to schedule
MADISONCorridor Modeling for GEOPAK and InRoads – $1,245Contact to schedule
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Course Description

A 3-day class covering components, templates, and roadway designer. This course includes the workflow necessary for the migration of GEOPAK data for use with Bentley’s roadway designer technology.

Topics Covered in This Session

1. Interface and Integration of Existing Resources
-Introduction to the Roadway Designer interface
-Setting user preferences
-Migrating a GEOPAK DDB file to a Roadway Designer XIN file type
-Converting a GEOPAK surface to a Roadway Designer DTM
-Using GEOPAK Geometry as Roadway Designer Alignments

2. Typical Sections
-Creating a Template Library
-Opening a Template Library
-Reviewing a Template Library
-Viewing Templates
-Styles and the Intelligent Surface
-Component Constraints
-Additional Template Topics

3. Corridor Modeling
-New Roadway Design File
-Saving the Roadway Design File
-The Project File
-Modeling Basics
-The Roadway Designer
-Project Criteria
-Template Application
-End Condition Exceptions
-Saving the Roadway Design File
-Corridor Review
-Pre-Processing the Corridor
-Point Controls
-Create Surfaces
-Surface Properties
-Saving the Design Surface
-Viewing Roadway Features

4. Creating Cross Sections
-Volume Computations
-Annotating Cross Sections
-Reviewing a Template Library

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