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Course Description

This 2-day course is designed for experienced MicroStation V8 users who want to create and manage the resources associated with MicroStation V8. Students will learn about modifying the interface and productivity enhancements.

Below is a chapter-by-chapter listing of the topics covered in the MicroStation V8 Power UserClass. This class can be taken in either the V8 2004 or V8 XM edition of MicroStation.

Topics Covered in This Session

1. Cell Libraries
-Important Cell Considerations
-Important Cell Library Considerations

2. Cell Selector Files
-Loading Cell Libraries
-Resizing the Cell Selector Dialog Box
-Defining Button Size
-Inserting, Deleting and Editing Buttons
-Defining the Default Settings
-Cell Selector Data Resource Files

3. Color Tables
-Developing a Color Table Data Resource File

4. Line Style Resource Files
-Line Style Editor Dialog Box
-Manage Line Style Definitions Utility
-Importing Linetypes/Line Styles

5. Multi-lines
-Place Multi-line
-Multi-line Styles Dialog Box
-Multi-line Styles
-Multi-line Joints Tool Box

6. Seed Files
-What is Stored in a Seed File?
-Attaching a Color Table Data Resource File
-Attaching a Cell Library
-Attaching Reference Files
-DGN Model Working Units
-Defining Custom Units
-Design File Overview
-DGN Global Origin
-Coordinate Readout
-Highlight, Pointer and Selection Set Colors
-Default Tool Settings
-View Attributes
-Tentative Point Modes
-3D Seed File Issues
-Seed File Preperation Issues

7. DGN Libraries
-Import Versus Attach
-Importing Levels
-Exporting Levels
-Attaching Level Libraries Manually
-Detaching Level Libraries Manually
-Importing Text Styles
-Importing Dimension Styles
-Importing Multi-line Styles
-Attaching DGN Libraries Automatically
-DGNLIB Key-in Commands

8. Customizing the User Interface
-Creating a New User Interface
-Interface Modification Files
-Customize Dialog Box
-Migrating Interface Resources

9. MicroStation BASIC Macros
-The Runmacro Utility

10. Settings Files
-What are Settings Files?
-Settings File Structure
-Managing Settings Files
-Select Settings Dialog Box
-Opening a Settings File
-Creating a Settings File
-Creating Settings Groups
-Duplicating and Deleting Settings Groups
-Creating Settings Group Components
-Duplicating, Deleting and Modifying Components
-Placing Components
-Activating Settings Components by Key-in
-Placing Components at Scale
-Choosing Working Units
-Adding Scale Groups
-Adding Working Unit Groups
-Storage of Scale and Working Unit Groups
-The Ascgroup Utility

11. Tags
-Tags Tool Box

12. Design History
-What is Design History?
-Design History Tool Box
-Initializing Design History
-Committing Changes
-Viewing the Design History
-Filtering the Revision List
-Isolating History by Fence or Selection Set
-Restoring Elements by Revision Number
-Undoing and Redoing Changes by Revision
-Undoing and Redoing Changes by Element
-Setting the Major Revision Number
-Truncating Design History

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