MicroStation V8 2004 Edition User Upgrade – $795

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MADISONMicroStation V8 2004 Edition User Upgrade – $795Contact to schedule
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Course Description

For MicroStation users who are preparing for using MicroStation V8 2004. Learn the new capabilities of MicroStation V8 2004 including AccuSnap, using unlimited levels, text and dimension styles and many of the new tools and enhanced features of MicroStation V8 2004.

This 2-day course covers all of the features and capabilities of MicroStation V8 with an emphasis on productivity gains. All of the major capabilities of version 8 will be covered in a series of hands-on exercises.

Topics Covered in This Session

1. Introduction
-Enhancement Summary
-Design File Overview
-Managing Drawings from MicroStation Manager
-Saving Drawings
-Save As
-Upgrading Design Files
-Upgrading Cell Libraries
-File Upgrade Summary

2. Design Environment
-MicroStation Design Environment
-MicroStation Menu Bar
-Showing and Hiding Tools
-Primary Toolbox
-Attributes Toolbox
-Standard Toolbox
-Status Bar
-Message Center
-View Attributes
-AccuDraw / AccuSnap

3. Models
-Activating a Model
-Creating Models
-Copying Models
-Editing Models Properties
-Importing Models
-Define Sheet Layout
-Setting Model Working Units

4. Viewing and Zooming
-Working with View Windows
-View Groups
-Setting View Attributes
-View Control Toolbox
-Saved Views

5. Precision Drawing
-Using Locks
-Annotation Scale
-Snap Modes

6. Tool Enhancements
-Basic Drawing Tools
-Modification and Construction Tools
-Groups Tool Box
-Cells Tool Box
-Patterns Tool Box

7. Levels
-The Active Level
-Controlling the Display Dialog Box
-Using the Change Level Tool
-Managing Levels
-Types of Symbology
-Using Level Filters
-Locking and Unlocking Levels

8. Element Selection & Grouping
-Selection and Grouping Tools
-Place Fence
-Selection Set Color and Selection Handles
-Named Groups

9. Annotating Drawings
-MicroStation Font Support
-Setting Text Parameters
-Text Styles
-Text Editor
-Text Tool Box
-Place Text
-Place Note
-Edit Text
-Change Text

10. Dimensioning
-Dimension Styles Dialog Box
-Dimension Styles
-Dimension Tools
-Dimension Tool Box

11. References
-References Dialog Box
-Selecting Target References
-Attaching References
-Clipping and Masking References
-Reloading References
-Manipulating References
-Copying References by Folding
-Setting the Reference Presentation

12. Design History
-Design History Tool Box
-Committing Changes
-Viewing the Design History
-Restoring Elements by Revision Number
-Setting the Major Revision Number

13. Printing
-Print Dialog Box
-Launching a Print
-Resymbolizing Prints with Pen Tables
-Modify Pen Table Dialog Box
-Print Configuration Files

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