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Course Description

This 2-day course is for non-programmers to learn how to create their own MicroStation VBA macros to increase productivity for repetitive tasks and add their own commands to the MicroStation environment. The class will cover use of the VBA editor including designing VBA user forms, and modules.

Below is a chapter-by-chapter listing of the topics covered in the MicroStation VBA Fundamentals Class.

Topics Covered in This Session

1.VBA Basics
-Workspace Configuration Variables
-General Rules/Tips for MVBA
-VBA Project Manager Dialog
-Creating a New MVBA
-Record a MVBA
-Edit the MVBA
-Run a MVBA
-Autoload a MVBA
-Run a MVBA from a Key-in
-The VBA Editor
-VBA Project Explorer
-Properties Window
-Edit Toolbar
-Special Characters
-Using VBA Help
-Protecting VBA’s
-Message Boxes

2.Variables, Arrays and Collections
-Variable Naming
-Common VBA Data Types
-Common MicroStation Data Types
-Converting Between Data Types
-User-Defined Types
-Checking Array Boundaries
-Multi-Dimensional Arrays
-Using the With Statement
-Declare all your variables

-Optional Arguments
-By Reference or By Value
-Calling Subroutines and Functions

4.Decision Structures and Loops
-Conditional Expressions
-Arithmetic Operators
-Comparison Operators
-Logical Operators
-Decision Structures
-If Then Statements
-IIf Statement
-Select Case Statements
-Do Loop

5.User Forms
-Creating UserForms
-Form Properties
-UserForm Toolbox
-Select Objects
-Programming Control Events
-Click Event
-Other Control Events
-Verifying UserForm Text Inputs
-Interface Related Code Only
-UserForm Management
-UserForms Collection
-Modal vs. NonModal
-More on Message Boxes

6.String Manipulations
-String Comparisons
-Search and Replace
-Split and Join
-Extracting Parts of a String

7.Interacting With MicroStation
-Tool Settings Keyins
-Passing Arguments to a Macro

8.MicroStation Properties
-Graphics Settings
-Windows Settings

9.Element Processing
-Element Enumerator
-Build From Element Scan Criteria
-Build From Selection Set
-Build From Fence
-Build From Complex Element
-Process Element Enumerator
-General Element Properties and Methods
-Line Style
-Line Weight

10.Creating New Elements
-Line Elements
-Arc Elements
-Ellipse Elements
-Shape Elements
-Text Elements
-TextNode Elements
-Cell Elements
-ComplexString Elements
-ComplexShape Elements

11.Autorun a VBA
-Module Containing OnProjectLoad
-Class Module Containing Event Handler

12.Error Handling and Debugging
-Error Handling
-The Error Object
-Basic Error Handling
-Advanced Error Handling
-Other uses for On Error GoTo
-Debug Toolbar
-Debug Function

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