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This course introduces many of the new tools and workflows of the OpenRoads Technology software from Bentley Systems Inc.  Included in this course is an exercise workbook for OpenRoads settings, terrain modeling, civil geometry, typical sections, corridor modeling, and finishing the model.

Topics Covered in This Session

1. MicroStation for OpenRoads Users
-Interface Orientation
-Project Explorer
-Civil Message Center
-Level Manager
-Using Model Files
-Using Reference Files
-2D Versus 3D Drawing Files

2. OpenRoads User Interaction
-The “User Experience”


3. Terrain Modeling
-Discussion of Feature Types
-Opening a TIN in OpenRoads
-Chapter Challenge

4. Civil Geometry
-Creating Geometry Overview
-Import Geometry
-Horizontal Geometry Tools
-Creating Horizontal Geometry
-Vertical Geometry
-Export to Native
-Challenge Exercise – Geometry via graphics

5. Typical Sections
-Chapter Challenge

6. Corridor Modeling – OpenRoads
-Introduction to Corridor Modeling
-Assembling the “Building Blocks”
-Creating a Corridor
-Creating a Transition Between Templates
-Corridor Design Stages
-Dynamic Cross Sections

7. Finishing the Model
-Introduction to Civil Cells
-Surface Meshes
-Design Stages
-Creating a Terrain Model
-Plans Production

8.  Terrain Modeling
-Discussion of Feature Types
-Opening a TIN in OpenRoads
-Chapter Challenge

9.Plan Production
-Plan Sheets
-Profiles and cross sections
-Creating cross sections in OpenRoads
-Graphic Profiles
-Challenge Exercise



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