Using the Macro Recorder to Capture Commands

The MicroStation VBA Macro Recorder is a useful tool beyond just capturing workflows for creating your own macros. A common dilemma for users wanting to create Batch Process scripts, or their own custom toolboxes is knowing the key-in commands they need for the task they want to accomplish. Using the Macro Recorder to capture the necessary commands in a vba macro can provide the key-in entries required for both applications. The command in double quotes after the CadInputQueue.SendCommand statement can be copied and pasted into a Batch Processor script, or used for the Key-in entry for a custom toolbox button.

Sample MicroStation commands captured using the VBA Macro Recorder

Sub Macro1()
Dim startPoint As Point3d
Dim point As Point3d, point2 As Point3d
Dim lngTemp As Long

‘ Start a command
CadInputQueue.SendCommand “CHOOSE ALL”

CadInputQueue.SendCommand “CHOOSE NONE”

CadInputQueue.SendCommand “PLACE DIALOGTEXT ICON”

End Sub

Copy and pasting a command into a Batch Process script file

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Copying a command key-in to create a custom toolbox button.


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